Maybe you’re curious about meditation, have tried it before and felt a bit lost, or would like to know some more about it. Meditation can sound appealing but it can be hard to know where to start, what it's supposed to feel like and what the benefits are.


With The Meditation Plan, you’ll receive an e-book that covers what meditation is, my journey with meditation, practical hints and tips, breathing techniques, types of meditation, useful further resources and ongoing online support as you practice.


You’ll also receive four guided meditations:

  • Body Scan

  • Morning Intentions

  • Evening De-Stress

  • Loving Kindness


I hope you enjoy exploring meditation with me! 


Please note: you will receive your product in two separate zip files. One is available for immediate download after purchase, including the e-book and two meditations, and the other will be sent separately via email (due to the large size of the files).

The Meditation Plan


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