Limiting Labels

Have you ever told yourself you can't do something? I know I have. I'm not flexible enough for yoga. I can't concentrate well enough to mediate. I can't run. I can't put myself in that scary situation. I don't have enough time to exercise. I can't lose that weight. I'm too busy. That's impossible. These are all stories we tell ourselves and we forget our mind is POWERFUL. We forget that these stories are often not true and we believe in them passionately and often defensively. Because to question them means leaning into the discomfort of a changing identity. As humans, we like to believe we know who we are. So true the idea that self doubt kills more dreams than failure ever does. To start to challenge these labels, first of all question them. Are they still serving you or are they limiting you? What evidence do you have that you actually can't do whatever it is you are wanting to do? Then, start with one thing - one push up, one yoga class, one food swap for a better choice. You are building up this 'evidence bank' that contradicts these old labels and which allows you to lean into change, a new identity and a more positive future. Fancy challenging some labels you hold about yourself with us this weekend? @georginamariee is leading The Handstand Workshop this Sunday at The Plan Harrogate studio. And before you tell yourself, that's too hard, handstand is impossible - is that really true? Or is it something that would be a really useful start: to play and explore, change your mindset and have fun learning something new? Full details at


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