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What you get:

Exclusive access to the ultimate friendly beginner's guide to start becoming fitter and stronger at home!

  • a four week fitness plan with five workouts a week (you don't have to do them all and you don't need any equipment!)

  • habit tracker to track your progress and build momentum

  • my top tips for how to get started safely and confidently



  • five-part video bundle - I do the exercises in each workout with you to guide you through the exercises and get you moving!

  • I'll talk you through form of all the exercises to make sure your workouts are SAFE and EFFECTIVE.

  • a stretch session to help you relax and increase flexibility.


I am cheering you on.

Time to SWEAT and get STRONGER

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Hey, I'm Caroline Dunne - personal trainer, nutrition coach and yoga teacher.


I care about you as an individual - you are not a number or a statistic to me.


I am going to help YOU personally get fitter. 

Even if you've never exercised before, or haven't for a long time.

We going to start at the beginning.

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