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I help people create healthy, sustainable lifestyles, find freedom in food and body confidence - VIBRANT and EMPOWERED.
Hi, I'm Caroline Dunne and I'm a personal trainer, nutrition coach and yoga teacher.
The Plan will help you find balance in both your mind and body. No matter what your goals are, what your body is like or what your experience is, there is a place here for you. The Plan lets you work on your mind and body, all in one place.
In this community, we get stronger, sweat it out, breathe, find balance, play, laugh, connect and persevere. I offer powerful one-to-one and group coaching programmes that care for and empower you. The individual is important to me - you are a whole wonderful human who I want to get to know! At the studio, we offer a wide variety of fitness classes, yoga, and workshops. You can also join us on retreat to chill out, rediscover and invest in yourself.
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Fitness | Nutrition | Yoga | Health | Mindset

Strength in mind, body and spirit
It's time to feel at home in your body


Class Schedule

I offer a wide range of fitness and yoga classes for all. Whether your goal is improving your general fitness, getting stronger, more supple, relaxation, getting sweaty, running, toning or losing weight, there's something here for you.

Fitness Group

Pricing and Memberships

You can join us for a single session PAYG, or join as a member to enjoy unlimited monthly or annual sessions, with online and in-person options. Membership now includes a 7 day free trial and a LIVE monthly wellness masterclass. Cancel anytime, so try it out risk free!

Child's Pose


Each month there is a range of events including different workshops, courses and day retreats. Stay up to date with the latest information here!

You can also hire one of our spaces - get in contact!



Invest in yourself for a weekend and join us on retreat for fitness, yoga, and wellness activities in the beautiful Cumbrian countryside. Create time and space to breathe, move, nourish and reconnect with yourself.

Leg Stretch

Private Yoga

Maybe you a yoga newbie or are looking to develop your own practice, time spent one-on-one can be just what you need to build confidence, strength and suppleness.


One-to-one Coaching & PT

Are you ready for a fitter, stronger and more powerful you? With a holistic, caring and habit-based approach, you will learn how to make small, sustainable changes that ultimately empower you and transform your life. Alongside your training, I coach in nutrition, stress, sleep and mindset.

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Personal trainer, coach and yoga teacher

Fitness and yoga have transformed my life, my mindset and my confidence; I believe we can transform the world as we transform ourselves. 


I train and coach groups and one-on-one - online worldwide and in-person in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. I did my Level 3 Personal Training and Level 3 Circuit Training in 2017. In 2019 I did my 200 YTT in Southern Spain with Frog Lotus Yoga, and in 2020 I studied my Level 1 Precision Nutrition.


I love strength training, blueberries, being upside down, hugs, running and coffee on a weekend. I'm an all out geek who loves learning how to lead the biggest, fullest and most joyful life - and helping you do the same.


I help individuals create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, find freedom in food, and body confidence. Strong in mind, body and spirit - EMPOWERED and VIBRANT.


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